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Title:Multiuser advanced
Design advanced multi user support involving file and process ownership
orginGeneral20080713 03:27
Moved all old comments to this thread
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abalabanSome Remarks...20080721 13:13
First my comment about the 'Multiuser simple' project still stands for this one.

Then about the permissions, current FFS2 (maybe SFS too, and the new coming JXFS might too) implementation already store this information, we just have no application to handle them. This means that this project also implies work on :
- RAWBinfo, the information dialog shown when asking for Informations on an icon in the WB (need to be able to show/set the "extra" permissions),
- List and Dir commands should be able to display thoses "extra" bits,
- Protect command should be able to modify this bits,
- a new command to set the default protection of any new files (something corresponding to the umask Unix command)

When this is done, there should be some patch to Exec and/or DOS libraries in order to :
1) memorize the current user of a process,
2) properly inherite the current user of new processes,
3) enforce the Filesystem rights,

To get inspiration, one might look at MuFS that was once something that worked great on OS 3.x to acheive this goal : http://mufs.sourceforge.net/ , (source code is also accessible)
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