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A DOS handler for HTTP access.
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Title:WebDAV... with added neon
Text:A quick update on this for anybody interested. After having abandoned my attempts at implementing WebDAV in the v2 betas back in 2006, this year I have taken another look at it and tried to fix the problems with it crashing or not reading directories properly. I have got mostly nowhere, due to XML being an absolute pain to parse, and (I think) my TCP/IP code not feeding the parser properly.

So I have given up on v2 and am completely reimplementing all the DOS packets for v3, using neon library which is specifically designed for WebDAV. Within a day I have recreated the "base" http-handler Open()/Read()/Close() using neon and the code is looking much simpler for it. Link resolving and seeking is also present but Seek()* is causing the handler to crash under certain conditions. SSL is not working currently as neon did not compile in support - will revisit that at a later date as it should just be a configure issue. Digest authentication should now be automatically supported however, and the new structure makes adding a prompt for credentials very easy.

The real bonus though, is Examine()* - the server querying part - is a doddle to add with this library and returns the data I need without the horrendous mess of parsing XML myself. I can dump WebDAV directory listings reliably over debug, so any other XML WebDAV work should be similarly simple.

It is finally looking good for a working WebDAV compatible version of http-handler, albeit several years later than originally intended.

* I know these are deprecated these days, but I'd rather get the old packets working before concerning myself with new ones.
Created by:chris
Created at:20120219 01:20
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
45  WebDAV-handler Beta 5  0  20140809 00:04  chris
42  Beta 4  0  20140628 19:09  chris
39  Current status  0  20140403 00:37  chris
25  WebDAV... version 3... with added neon  0  20120219 01:19  chris
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