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Title:Clipboard selector
Implement a tool for selecting among the last made clips.

Project members:
Priority:High      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:Step 1 functionality
Enable the clipboard to remember the last made clips for each clip unit and create a reaction based application that lets the user select the currently active clip for each unit from the list of remembered clips.

Step 2 functionality
- being able to store individual clips in a usable format. Text as a plain text file, images and an image file, audio as an audio file and whatnot.

Create this as a commodity that listens to the clipboard device and with a hot key for opening the gui. The gui could have a tab for each active clipboard unit and display the currently active clip and a list on each tab with the remembered clips. Double click to make a clip the active one, and right click popup menu for storing to disk in different formats.
Created by:orgin
Created at:20080717 16:58
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20080722 13:38
Assigned to:Not assigned

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