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Title:Graphical Common Download Manager
A download manager written using Reaction that accepts, on a port, requests for new downloads and is in charge of bringing them down from the network to a local file area (selected by the application, or from the default, by the user). It also manages bandwidth used in total up to a preference set limit, and can resume (if resume is supported). If not started when an application needs it, the application can start it but must check on startup to see if the message port is active.

Project members:
Priority:Low      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:A single task that can create new tasks. The main task listens on a message port for new requests, and can report status. The following requests are supported:

1. Download URL content to File: ( url x target x callback )
2. Pause download ( url x callback )
3. Stop download ( url x callback )
4. Delete download ( url x callback )

The implementer will provide the following:

1. An OS4 library to wrap the message calling API and to call a startup task.
2. A reaction GUI showing a list of downloads and their programs.
3. A prefs program to go into Prefs that controls the maximum bandwidth that can be consumed, the default target file area.
4. A commodity to go into WBStartup to auto-start it.
5. The main task that handles all the interaction with the message ports and launches new "download" tasks, and is the main intermediate between the "download" tasks and any calling application.
6. The download task (perhaps one per URL protocol type), which must adhere to the bandwidth assigned to it from the main task, accept "pause|stop|bandwidth" requests.

This edition does NOT have to be recoverable.
Created by:DaveP
Created at:20090718 10:40
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20140402 19:09
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:DaveP

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