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Title:Message subscription broker
Create a generic system for subscribing to events generated by other programs.

Project members:
Priority:Low      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:The project shall be divided into two parts:

A broker commodity

This components act as a service, receiving messages from posters and sending messages to subscribers.

An access library

This library shall contain all methods needed to communicate with the broker including functions for deallocating messages.

Example of use
An application implements a drag&drop feature. It identifies the window the drop was made on and then requests the broker to forward some data to the window.

The broker checks if there's any subscriber owning that window and sends a copy of the message to that subscriber.

The subscribing application receives a message from the broker that something was dropped on it and acts on the message.
Created by:orgin
Created at:20091209 14:19
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20140402 19:09
Assigned to:Not assigned

  Task list for this project
ID  Title  Assigned  Progress  Updated  Created by  
19  AllocMem migration  DaveP  100%  20091214 12:52  DaveP
20  Create library skeleton  DaveP  100%  20091220 13:41  DaveP
21  Create lazy launcher and lazy cleanup  DaveP  100%  20091212 17:27  DaveP
22  Create Amber topic daemon function  DaveP  100%  20091212 17:27  DaveP
23  Create test programs  DaveP  100%  20091214 20:08  DaveP
24  Documentation  DaveP  33%  20091211 09:46  DaveP
25  User acceptance test - FILER  orgin  0%  20091211 09:34  DaveP
26  Client stubs  DaveP  100%  20091212 17:28  DaveP
27  Make multitasking  Not Assigned  0%  N/A  DaveP
28  Make persisting/survive restart  Not Assigned  0%  N/A  DaveP
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