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Title:new amigaguide datatype to allow copy+mark of text by mouse
To be able to mark+copy text from amiga guide documents which opened with help of amigaguide datatype.

Project members:
Priority:Not set      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:Currently we can't mark+copy by mouse the portions of the text when open amigaguide documents.

Our amigauide_dtc.doc autodoc does claim that it supports copy & paste

DTM_SELECT -- Select an area in the AmigaGuide database.

DTM_CLEARSELECTED -- Deselect the selected area of the
AmigaGuide database.

DTM_COPY -- Copy the selected area of the text to the clipboard
as FTXT. If no area is selected, then the entire text
is copied.

but this is clearly broken or was never implmented. Or a third option, perhaps it's implmented but the datatype is incorrectly reporting it's status in response to the DTA_Methods or DTA_TriggerMethod tag?

This issues was first report in 2012 to Hyperion, and from time to time users ask for it, so as it seems can't be done inside of the OS4 team , maybe as OpenAmiga project it can be done.

As i was told some years ago, OS4's amigaguide datatype even have already some code for handling drag selecting of text in amigaguide.datatype's handleinput method but it's never used because it requires the DTSIF_DRAGSELECT to be set first to enable this.

Probabaly today, it is better to wrote a new amigaguide datatype from scratch.
Created by:kas1e
Created at:20221205 22:34
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:Not updated
Assigned to:Not assigned
Suggested by:kas1e

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