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Title:Language drivers
Additional language support.
DateRevision  Author  Project  
20140403 10:58  923  Belxjander  Language drivers  
wrong encoding in the keymap name
20140403 10:46  922  Belxjander  Language drivers  
Japanese release materials update
20120418 15:55  727  Belxjander  Language drivers  
Added myself to the contributors list for confirmation from Mr.Handley,
20120205 19:31  665  Belxjander  Language drivers  
Japanese Keymap pre-release... this will be finalized once a sam440 and jp106 combination
  are together for final testing and keycode arrangement.

Different jp106 keyboards share the same symbol layout but some are missing RAlt and RCommand
  which is a deliberate design choice due to the Jp1 Jp2 Jp3 and Jp4 keys all being present.
20120205 18:28  664  Belxjander  Language drivers  
Creating an empty libs folder for later presentation of Perception IME libraries material,
Adding the Keymap for Japanese support (this is only the first step towards a complete framework)

Only the first commit of many adding Japanese materials
20100818 00:20  486  chris  Language drivers  
Initial commit of Welsh language driver source
20100805 20:26  484  openamigaadminuser  Language drivers  
Project  created
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